A Summer of Difference Making!

We’re looking for some great people who want to have a great summer!

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Summer 2014 Camp Dates!

Mark your calendars now for summer camps in 2014!

More information on how to register coming soon!

Dates Camp Description
June 10-13 Mini Mites Camp For Corps/Service Extension youth ages 6-8. This camp will have an evangelistic   focus while introducing children to the outdoors as God’s creation.
June 10-13

June 16-20

June   30-July 4

July 7-11

Extreme Camp 1

Extreme Camp 2

Extreme Camp 3

Extreme Camp 4

For Corps/Service Extension youth grade 6-age 17. These campers will be staying   in tents in the extreme camp area, learning advanced outdoor skills and   gaining a more rustic camping experience. Regular devotions and Bible Study   will take place in a campfire setting.
June 13-16

July 11-14

Family Camp 1

Family Camp 2

Weekend retreat camps for families who are determined income   eligible. These camps focus on providing a family with a time of respite and   a chance to bond together as a family unit
June 16-20 Junior Camp 1

(Indianapolis   & North Corps)

For   Corps/Service Extension youth ages 9-12. This camp will have an evangelistic   focus while introducing or continuing a child’s experience of the outdoors as   God’s creation.
June 21-28 Indiana Music Institute For Corps   youth ages 9-17. This is a working camp for music instruction including   brass, vocal, guitar, percussion and more!
June   30-July 4 Bible Camp For youth ages 7-17 and ready for Bible learning and discipleship. All youth in the age range will be eligible to attend. Youth should be informed that this is a Bible camp and the main focus will be discipleship and Bible study with outdoor activities as electives.
July 14-18 Character Building Camp For Corps   youth who are  registered and   prospective Sunbeams, Girl Guards, Explorers, Rangers, and Scouts. Youth   attending this camp will be working on and completing badges.
July 21-25 Teen Camp All corps   and service extension youth ages 13-17. This will be an evangelistic focused   camp. Teens will have the opportunity for outdoor education while being   presented with the gospel and the tenants of a biblical lifestyle.
Sept. 5-8 Older Adult Camp For Adults   age 55 and older to experience an outdoor retreat weekend with Bible teaching   and fun activities.


Summer 2014, Coming to a CAMP NEAR YOU!

“Snowmageddon” has come and gone, the weather is warming up, and while it is only January, we are looking forward to SUMMER CAMP that is only SIX MONTHS AWAY! Please visit our page frequently for updates on the Summer 2014 Camp Dates, Camp Employment Application, and Camper Registration Information.

2013 is upon us!

Here are the dates for the 2013 Summer Camps! Please Click Here to find your local Corps/Community Center to register.

June 11-14: Extreme Camp Session 1 (ages 12-17)
Mini Mites Camp (ages 6-8)

June 17-20: Music Conservatory (by Invitation Only)
Extreme Camp Session 2 (ages 12-17)
Service Extension Youth Camp (ages 9-12)

June 22-29: Indiana Music Institute (ages 9-17)

July 1-5: Divisional Bible Youth Institute (ages 9-17)

July 8-12: Extreme Camp Session 3 (ages 12-17)
Character Building Camp (ages 7-17)

July 15-19: Teen Camp (ages 13-17)

July 22-26: Family Camp (all ages)

If your county does not have a Salvation Army Corps/Community Center, please contact Gwenevere Dewitt at gwenevere_dewitt@usc.salvationarmy.org for a Service Extension Center in your area.

New Jumping Pillow Pictures

We have added a new recreational activity at Hidden Falls Camp: The Jumping Pillow. Check it out here.